Commission Meeting Minutes — February 21, 2017        Certified February 28, 2017


Crawford County Commission met pursuant to adjournment with these members present: Leo Sanders, Presiding Commissioner; Rob Cummings, Commissioner District 1; Jared Boast, Commissioner District 2; John Martin, County Clerk; and the following proceedings were had to viz;


Attendees at the beginning of the meeting included Woodrow Martin, Kenny McGraw, Becky Ewing, and Danny Brown.


The meeting was called to order at 9:01 a.m.


9:01 a.m.:  Mike Plank, Darin Layman, Amy England, and Scott Cason enter the meeting. Jared Boast made a motion to approve the Crawford County Commission Meeting Agenda of February 21, 2017.  Rob Cummings provided a second.  All in favor; motion carried.

Roll Call Vote was held as follows:  

Leo Sanders – Yea

Rob Cummings – Yea    

Jared Boast – Yea


9:01 a.m.:  Rob Cummings made a motion to approve the Crawford County Commission Meeting Minutes of February 14, 2017.  Jared Boast provided a second.  All in favor; motion carried.

Roll Call Vote was held as follows:  

Leo Sanders –Yea

Rob Cummings – Yea    

Jared Boast – Yea


9:03 a.m.:  Mail reviewed: letter from Crawford County Republican Women on Law Day, March 17; letter from members of Ozark Regional Library Board on removal of Becky Binkholder from that board for cause—tabled until February 28 meeting.


9:08 a.m.:  Citizens participation offered: none expressed.


9:09 a.m.:  Becky Ewing from US Forestry addressed that department’s upcoming project to move campgrounds out of flood plain at Red Bluff site to higher ground.


9:10 a.m.:  Ryan Storz entered the meeting.


9:14 a.m.:  Pat Schwent entered the meeting.


9:28 a.m.:  Pat Schwent addressed back taxes due on mineral rights on at least three parcels in the county. Discussion centered on how to best find ownership of parcels.


9:32 a.m.:  Kerry Summers entered the meeting.  Discussion mineral rights continued, but commissioners did not want to expend money for title searches without input from county attorney.  Issues tabled until Kent Howald could appear.


9:38 a.m.:  Jared Boast brought up issue of possibility of county-wide open burning ban during dry and windy weather.  Scott Cason, Darin Layman, and Mike Plank talked of need for ability to enforce if open burning turns into wildfires, as has happened recently.  Leo Sanders said more research needed to be done, and the matter should be put aside until the county attorney could comment on the appropriate statutes.


9:43 a.m.:  Kerry Summers exited the meeting.


10:00 a.m.:  Pat Schwent, Scott Cason, and Mike Plank left the meeting.  Commission signed BRO invoice #7 for MoDOT project on Blunt Road.


10:02 a.m.:  Pat Schwent re-entered, Ryan Storz stepped out.


10:04 a.m.:  Ryan Storz returned.


10:05 a.m.:  Recess called to await county attorney.


10:23 a.m.:  Meeting reconvened with Kent Howald, Pat Schwent, Danny Brown, Kenny McGraw, Woodrow Martin, Ryan Storz, Amy England, John Martin, Rob Cummings, Leo Sanders, and Jared Boast in attendance.  Kent Howald was asked his opinion on the matter of the delinquent taxes on mineral rights.  He said that original documentation on the mineral rights should be in the assessor’s possession.


10:25 a.m.:  Steve Warsham from Fabick entered the meeting, as did Kerry Summers.  He said that there was nothing in his office on the origin of these mineral rights, and that he could not perform a search.  He also stated that stopping assessment on these rights was not advisable.  Pat Schwent suggested a letter from the commission to the state tax commission requesting permission to cease assessment might be in order.  Kerry Summers recommended a title search be done; Kent Howald stated that a title search would be prohibitively expensive for the county, and would yield no more information than what was already known.  Kerry Summers offered to make some calls and report on the matter next week, if the commissioners would table discussion until then.  The matter will be taken up in “old business” on February 28.


10:45 a.m.:  Kerry Summers and Pat Schwent exited.  Steve Warsham asked to take a look at the trade-in backhoes located at Road District #2.  He and the commissioner would meet there later.


10:48 a.m.:  Kent Howald exited.


10:50 a.m.:  Rob Cummings made a motion to adjourn the February 21, 2017 meeting of the Crawford County Commission.  Jared Boast provided a second.  All in favor; motion carried.


The Commission adjourned to meet February 28, 2017, at 9:00 a.m.



Leo Sanders, Presiding Commissioner