Commission Meeting Minutes — February 7, 2017         Uncertified


Crawford County Commission met pursuant to adjournment with these members present: Leo Sanders, Presiding Commissioner; Rob Cummings, Commissioner District 1; Jared Boast, Commissioner District 2; De Dee Hamilton, for the County Clerk’s office; and the following proceedings were had to viz;


Attendees at the beginning of the meeting included Danny Brown, David Eaton, Rob Sikes, Amy England, and Ryan Storz.


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.


9:02 a.m..:  Rob Cummings made a motion to approve the Crawford County Commission Meeting Agenda of February 7, 2017.  Jared Boast provided a second.  All in favor; motion carried.

Roll Call Vote was held as follows:  

Leo Sanders – Yea

Rob Cummings – Yea    

Jared Boast – Yea


9:02 a.m.:  Jared Boast made a motion to approve the Crawford County Commission Meeting Minutes of January 31, 2017.  Rob Cummings provided a second.  All in favor; motion carried.

Roll Call Vote was held as follows:  

Leo Sanders –Yea

Rob Cummings – Yea    

Jared Boast – Yea


9:05 a.m.: The commission asked for citizen participation; there was none.


9:05 a.m.:  Bills reviewed and signed.


9:15 a.m.:  Curt Faigle with the One Hundred Acre Wood Road Rally entered the meeting.  He brought schedules and maps of the race for the commission. He advised that the rally cars would be at the Park in Steelville on March 17, 2017. He inquired about vendors for food, etc.


9:22 a.m.:  Curt Faigle left the meeting.


9:22 a.m.:  Jared Boast presented retiring Road 2 employee David Eaton with a plaque and appreciation certificate for his 21 years of service with Crawford County.


9:25 a.m.:  David Eaton left the meeting.


9:27 a.m.:  Jeff Banderet from Great Rivers Engineering entered the meeting. He presented the commission with the finished plan and cost estimate for Blunt Bridge. He said they were waiting on a mussel survey to be done by the Forestry Department. He hoped that would be done by the end of March. Jeff also advised the commission that June 15, 2017, was the start date for the bridge, and hoped it would be completed in 100 calendar days or less, at a cost of $340,752.50.  Jeff had the commission sign a statement of the costs, and he said he would submit it to MoDOT.


9:45 a.m.:  Jeff Banderet left the meeting.


9:45 a.m.:  Jared Boast had the rest of the commission sign the annual Crawford County Employee wage printout.


9:45 a.m.:  Leo Sanders advised of the Commissioners’ training the three of them would be attending in Columbia the rest of this week. 


9:47 a.m.:  Leo advised that Congressman Jason Smith’s office would have a listening post at the courthouse in the commission office on Thursday, February 23, from 2:30 till 3:30 p.m.


9:50 a.m.:  It was noted that the courthouse and county offices will be closed Monday, February 13, for President Lincoln’s birthday, and on Monday, February 20, for Presidents’ Day.


9:50 a.m.:  Rob Sikes inquired as to what the listening post for Congressman Smith was. Leo explained.


9:55 a.m.:  Amy England left the meeting.  Ryan Storz exited


10:00 a.m.: Ryan Storz returned.


10:00 a.m.: Kerry Summers entered the meeting.


10:05 a.m.:  Kerry wanted to tell the commission that Cave and Scotia Roads were much better.


10:25 a.m.:  Sheriff Darin Layman entered the meeting.


10:25 a.m.:  Leo Sanders read a letter received from Gibbs Care Center in Steelville, Missouri. The letter was a warn notice that the facility was closing permanently, by April 2017, because of environmental hazards.


10:30 a.m.:  Sheriff Layman asked the commission to sign a renewal to continue participating in the LESO Program. This is a program that advises what new and used equipment is available to the county from the Department of Defense. There is no cost to the county to participate in the program.  The commission signed the renewal.


10:35 a.m.: Jared Boast made a motion to adjourn the February 7, 2017 meeting of the Crawford County Commission.


Rob Cummings provided a second.  All in favor; motion carried.


The Commission adjourned to meet February 14, 2017, at 9:00 a.m.



Leo Sanders, Presiding Commissioner