Crawford County, Missouri




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Voter Registration Regulations and Options:

You must reside in Crawford County to be a registered voter of Crawford County.

Registration is available at the Clerk's Office in the Crawford County Courthouse in Steelville. Click here for directions. Crawford County residents may also register at their local vehicle license office, at City Hall, or at the County Health Department. You may also go to the Missouri Secretary of State's office website at to register online. If you have recently changed your name or address, you may update that information at the aforementioned places, or you may notify our office.

The last day to register to vote for an election is the fourth Wednesday prior to the election date.


Absentee Voting:

You may apply for an absentee ballot in person or by phone if you are unable to go to the polls on election day. The first day you may apply is the sixth Tuesday prior to the election date (or within 14 days of certification of the election). This application must be signed and returned to our office by the Wednesday prior to the election date if we are mailing your ballot. Upon signing and returning your application, you will be given (or sent by mail) a ballot. Absentee ballots must be voted in our office by the Monday prior to the election, or received by mail on or before the day of the election.

Reasons for voting absentee include absence on election day, employed as an election authority, illness/disability, incapacitation/caregiver, incarceration, permanently disabled, or religious belief.

Permanent absentee applications are available for those meeting certain eligibility requirements.


Voting Locations:

There are seven polling places in Crawford County to accommodate our 18 precincts and 9 townships.

Steelville Community Building

101 Keysville St.

Steelville, MO 65565

For Meramec Township (North & South Precincts), Union Township (Cook Station & | Keysville Precincts), Courtois Township (Gibbs & Huzzah Precincts), Liberty Township

(Liberty Precinct)

Bourbon Community Center

575 Elm St.

Bourbon, MO 65441

For Boone Township (Bourbon Precinct)


Cherryville Fire Station (formerly the old Road Shed)

20416 Hwy 19

Cherryville, MO 65446

For Osage Township (Cherryville Precinct), Courtois Township (Cherryville Precinct)


Davisville American Legion Hall

194 Hwy V

Davisville, MO 65456

For Osage township (Davisville Precinct)


Recklein Auditorium

202 N Smith St.

Cuba, MO 65453

For Benton Township (North & South Precincts) Knobview Township (Blue Springs &

Fanning Precincts), Oak Hill Township (Delhi & Taylor Precincts)


Leasburg First Southern Baptist Church

1861 Hwy. H

Leasburg, MO 65535

For Liberty Township (Leasburg Precinct)


Sullivan Community Building

730 W Main St.

Sullivan, MO 63080

For Boone Township (Sullivan Precinct)


Election Candidacy:

The first day for filing a declaration of candidacy for an election is the sixteenth Tuesday prior to the election date. The final certification deadline for candidacy for any election is the eleventh Tuesday prior to the election date. You must file your candidacy with the County Clerk for county offices and at the entity if it is for a municipal election. For other candidacy information you may contact the Secretary of State by clicking here.





Valid driver's license and proof of liability insurance on the ATV/UTV required - The cost is $20 per year, issued for a maximum of two years for $40. Cash or check only, no debit or credit cards accepted.



You will need to bring your bond, ID and $5 for the Clerk fee.



You must be registered with the state to apply for a County liquor license. For state license information click here. The Clerk requires a $5 fee per license in addition to the appropriate license fee.



P. O. Box AS

302 W. Main St.

Steelville, MO 65565

Phone: 573-775-2376

Fax: 573-775-3066