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Request for Proposal Administration and Policies


RFP Administration

This RFP is open to all providers of data networking, telecommunications, local exchange carriers, cable operators, equipment providers and contractors.

Bids submitted must include the company name of provider(s).

Bids submitted must include a minimum of three (3) references similar in size and scope of Crawford County.

Bids must include the company names of any subcontracting third party organizations being utilized to fulfill the bid submitted.

All subcontracting must be preapproved by Crawford County.

Three (3) references must be submitted for each contractor/third party organization(s) being utilized to fulfill the bid being submitted.

All requirements pertaining to the company submitting the bid must also be met by any and all contractor/third party organization(s) being utilized to fulfill the bid submitted.


Costs associated with the RFP process

Crawford County, or any of its affiliated facilities, is/are not responsible for any costs incurred by a bidder related to the preparation or delivery of the bid proposal.  In addition, Crawford County, or any of its affiliated facilities, is/are not responsible for any costs associated with activities, travel, subject matter experts, or preparation as it relates to the RFP process.


Understanding Responsibility

The bid presented should demonstrate a clear and full understanding of the goals associated with the RFP. Any bids that do not meet these requirements will be immediately rejected.

Bidding Term

Crawford County will receive bids for 28 consecutive days from the date the RFP is posted.

A minimum of four (4) bid copies must be mailed to Espy Services, Inc.

Bids must be mailed to 

Espy Services, Inc

Attn: RFP Crawford County

2213 16th Street

Bedford, IN 47421

Failure to follow these guidelines or any bids received after the 28th day will cause the bid to be rejected/not included in this RFP project.



Any and all questions associated with the RFP must be received by 5:00pm EST on the 7th day after the bid was posted.  No questions will be received or answered after 5:00pm on the 7th day after the bid was posted.  All questions associated with this RFP must be emailed to the email address The subject line for questions must include “RFP Bid Crawford County Questions.”  This is the sole manner in which questions will be entertained and answered.



Rules and Processes

All rules and processes associated with the RFP bid will follow the procurement and selection rules established by the FCC. Bidders should be fully aware and up to date regarding rules and processes established by the FCC.  Any errors or omissions will result in the bid being rejected or dismissed.


Terms of Bids

Terms included in bids must be valid and acceptable by the bidder for a minimum of 120 days from the close of the bidding window.  If the bid is won by a vendor who is not already the current provider the service start date will begin 11/14/2017.

Bid Review Process

Bids will be opened and reviewed starting at 11:00 am EST on the first day that the bidding window has closed. Bids will be reviewed initially by Espy Services, all bids meeting the established guidelines associated with this RFP will be provided to the appropriate Crawford County employees for further approval.  Immediately following the awarding of the bid to selected bidder(s) all bidders will be notified.


The selection decisions made by Crawford County, under this RFP, are final and appeals or resubmissions will not be considered.  Crawford County reserves the right to issue any resulting order with the bidder(s) whose proposal most closely conforms to the specifications documented in the RFP and will best serve the needs of the Crawford County participant members included in this request. Crawford County is not obligated to accept any proposal received.  Crawford County may accept proposals in whole or in part (based upon the overall needs of Crawford County) and will reject any and all proposals that do not meet the needs as documented in the RFP.  Bidder e-mail contact information must be included in order to receive award and scoring matrix information.


Weight criterion in the decision making process:

10%: Prior experience, including past performance

5%: Consideration of Early Termination Fees

25%: Request for Proposal compliance

30%: Reliability of service

30%: Cost of services


Selected Vendor

The selected vendor will work with Crawford County staff and Espy Services to coordinate the transition from the existing provider/network and implement the replacement service with a minimum amount of disruption and downtime.


Service Requirements


Bidders are asked to provide proposals based upon the list of network locations and the current bandwidth noted on the Location Listing included with the RFP. The bid submission must be capable of providing a secure, reliable network which meets the documented bandwidth requirement.  In reviewing the Request for Proposal bidders should anticipate and account for scalability of services due to additions in locations and/or advancements in technology.

Anticipated broadband scalability should be documented by stating the highest level of broadband increase available per location and estimating the increase of cost to meet that highest level of service per location. Increases in bandwidth and increases in locations could be required at any time. 

Anticipated location scalability should be documented by providing a list of counties, in the described area where service is not provided.


Crawford County would like to entertain bids showing only long-term (36 months). The list of network locations is attached (see attachment A)

Detailed summaries per location (as identified on the location listing) are required in the bid proposal; submitted bids that do not include these exact summaries, per location, will receive a score of zero under proposal compliance and/or have their proposal rejected as incomplete due to non-compliance.

Quoted bandwidth for each location

Any proposed deviation from the documented bandwidth (either lower or higher) per location; clearly showing the RFP’s documented bandwidth and the proposed bandwidth for that location

Length of time the bidder has supplied these services to these specified areas

Itemized list of costs of services per location per 36 month agreement

Itemized list of minimum equipment and software requirements per location

Monthly recurring costs per location

Any and all annual or non-reoccurring costs per location

All expected technical and service call requirements as well as guaranteed response times per location

Itemized list of subcontractors per location and service


Early Termination Fees

Crawford County will take into consideration existing service provider’s termination fees of existing services and equipment, which new services and equipment would replace (if any).


The bid proposal must address reimbursement of any and all early termination fees (including but not limited to services and equipment) incurred due to any potential change of service providers. Any agreement submitted in the bid proposal must include the vendor’s intention to reimburse any and all existing service provider’s termination fees incurred by accepting a bid which will cause early termination fees to be created by accepting the bidder’s proposal. 


In addition, the proposal must include information regarding any and all early termination fees for services and/or equipment being proposed.


Equipment, Installation, and Maintenance

All equipment, installation, and maintenance used to implement and maintain Crawford County network must meet (as described in the RFP Location List provided with the RFP) the specified service required to maintain the high standard established by Crawford County.  Any deviation from the specified service and or equipment will result in the submitted proposal rejection. Crawford County’s reputation of high standards must be maintained by all aspects of business including the ability to communicate within and outside of the facilities and network.


Any and all required or potential equipment necessary to make the service functional and costs associated with said equipment must be included in the proposal submitted.


Costs associated with the implementation of services must be defined and expressed within the bid proposal. Any potential installation costs should be estimated and included in the proposal. Crawford County understands that precise installation costs cannot be ascertained until detailed discussion occurs; however, if there will be installation costs they must be estimated and included in the proposal. Failure to estimate any potential costs associated with equipment or services will be acknowledgment that no such costs will be included in the proposal.


Any and all costs (monthly or annual) associated with network maintenance and/or support must be included in the bid proposal submitted. Failure to include any and all maintenance and/or support costs is an acknowledgment that no such costs will be included in the proposal. 



The bidder must be able to guarantee that the requested services are included in the Service Level Agreement (SLA)/contract for each connection. If the parameters cannot be met after the point of award and/or implementation, Crawford County reserves the right to terminate any and all contracts, without incurring any early termination fees, based on the fact that services are not being met as specified.


Acceptability of Proof

Before the final award is presented, Crawford County reserves the right to request proof that the selected bidder has performed and maintains networking that matches and/or exceeds the scope of the project anticipated by Crawford County.

Bid Award

Account Management

Bidder agrees to assign one point of contact through which Crawford County and selected bidder will communicate.  This contact will serve as the project manager through the initial implementation phase of service.  After the implementation phase bidder agrees to provide one point of contact who will serve as the account manager.  All communication from and to Crawford County will be managed by the project manager and then account manager.


Access to Crawford County Facilities

Access to Crawford County facilities will be provided after meeting all compliance requirements and signing vendor agreements to maintain established guidelines regarding safety, security, and vendor conduct.  Additionally vendor agrees to maintain Crawford County established insurance requirements.

Insurance requirements

Proof of insurance must be included in the bid proposal; failure to provide proof of insurance, for any aspect of the insurance requirement will be acknowledgment that those insurance need factors will not be pertinent to the bidder’s ability to fulfill the bid submitted.


Bidder/Vendor, at its own expense, shall procure and maintain in full force and effect during the term of the proposed agreement bid submitted, insurance policies for the types and amounts stated below by a reputable insurance company and under terms satisfactory to the Crawford County.  Crawford County shall be named as an additional insured with respect to Commercial General Liability.

Vendor Seller’s Worker’s Compensation insurance will contain a waiver of subrogation in favor of the Crawford County.

Commercial General Liability: $1,000,000 each occurrence/$3,000,000 aggregate

Worker’s Compensation: Pursuant to Statute

Employer’s Liability: $1,000,000/$1,000,000/$1,000,000

If bidder will use owned or hired autos to meet the terms of this bid Automobile Liability: $1,000,000 combined single limit

If bidder’s agents or employees will be on Crawford County premises to meet the terms of this bid proposal: Fidelity Bonding (Crime/Fidelity Liability) $25,000 minimum


Attachment A

Managed Gigabit POE+ Switches with 10 Gigabit Uplinks


Fiber Paths

Copper Network Cabling


Internet Connection

50 Mbps Symmetric Internet Connection

Managed Router/ Firewall

At a minimum quarterly reporting


Hourly Support Services

Up to 12 hours per month


Voice Services

15 Call Paths

4 SIP Registrations


Calling Features


4 Polycom VVX 411 IP Phones

0 Minimum number of replacements per year

**Provide a list of all calling features included**

**Provide a list of calling features available ala carte**


Server Services

5 Virtual Server Containers

8 Terabyte iSCSI Network Storage Device


**All equipment must be included in proposal**


302 W. Main Street

Steelville, MO 65565