County Clerk

John G. Martin

County Clerk
302 W. Main St., #AS
Steelville, MO 65565
P: (573) 775-2376
F: (573) 775-3066

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The County Clerk is the chief financial and administrative officer in the county. The following are the main duties of the County Clerk:

  • County Budget Officer
  • Human Resources (payroll & employee benefits)
  • Accounts Payable
  • Election Administration (voter registration & conduct of all elections)
  • Certification of Tax Valuations and Levied Rates for all Political Subdivisions
  • Maintain County Inventory
  • Administrator of Board of Equalization
  • Certification of Apportionment of Railroad & Utility Company Tax Revenue Received
  • Custodian of Records of the County Commission (archivist)
  • Certification of Real Estate & Personal Property Tax Book Chargeable to the Collector of Revenue

ATV Permits: Crawford County requires a permit to operate any type of off-road (ATV/UTV/SXS, etc.) vehicle on county roads. Permits may be purchased (cash or check ONLY) in the County Clerk’s office for $20 (one year) or $40 (two years) with valid driver’s license and proof of liability insurance on the vehicle.

Notary Public: Present valid driver’s license and official bond to be sworn in as a Missouri Notary Public. A $5.00 fee (cash or check ONLY) applies. Contact the Office of the Missouri Secretary of State to learn about the Notary Public exam. (see below for link)

Liquor Licenses: All county liquor license applicants must first be registered with the State of Missouri. A $5.00 office fee (cash or check ONLY) applies, in addition to the appropriate license fee. All licenses expire on June 30 th each year. Contact the Missouri Department of Alcohol & Tobacco Control to begin the process. (see below for link)


Missouri Secretary of State
Missouri Department of Alcohol & Tobacco