Mark Mueller

140 Merrihills Drive
Cuba, MO 65453
P: (573) 885-6811
F: (573) 885-2593

Licensed by the Missouri Board of Architects, Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors

Survey Services

Lot Survey
Boundary Survey
Subdivision Survey
Topographic Survey
Plot Plan & Stake Out
Foundation Survey
Surveyor’s Real Property Report

Surveys are recommended prior to purchasing, dividing, or selling land, or before beginning construction. A survey is also helpful to verify land assessments and to settle boundary disputes. The surveyor also provides expert court testimony regarding determined property lines and physical features.

The Surveyor complies with applicable laws, regulations, codes, and court decisions set forth by local, county, state, and federal authorities. All surveys within Crawford County are recorded by the Surveyor in the office of the Crawford County Recorder of Deeds at no fee. Applicable records may also be obtained from title companies, MoDOT, local utilities, and state or county plats.


Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors
Missouri Association of Registered Land Surveyors