Elected Officials

Presiding Commissioner Steve Black

Elected to office beginning 2023.
Steward of County monies and properties, including roads and cemeteries.
Office: 573-775-3539 * Cell: 573-259-8882
E-mail: sblackccc@gmail.com

Associate Commissioner Rob Cummings, District 1

Elected to office beginning 2017.
Steward of County monies and properties with responsibility over county roads in District 1.
Phone: 573-775-3539 * Cell: 573-292-9670
E-mail: rdcummings1973@gmail.com

Associate Commissioner Jared Boast, District 2

Elected to office beginning 2017.
Steward of County monies and properties with responsibility over county roads in District 2.
Phone: 573-775-3539 * Cell: 573-292-9697
E-mail: boastroad2@gmail.com

County Clerk John G. Martin

Appointed to office, September 2014, Elected beginning 2015.
Election authority with responsibility over County ATV permits, notary bonds, liquor licenses, cemetery property, County payroll, budgets and commission records.
E-mail: clerkjgmartin@gmail.com

Treasurer Karen Sikes

Elected to Office beginning 2018.

Responsible for depositing monthly settlements of accounts receivable with other elected officers, reconciliation of monthly bank statements, and monthly disbursement of tax monies to local taxing entities.

E-mail: crawfordtreasurer@gmail.com

Recorder Kim Cook

Elected to office beginning 2011.
Recorder of County documents and transactions, marriage licenses, tax liens, deeds
E-mail: crawfordrecorder@gmail.com

Prosecuting Attorney David Smith

Elected to office beginning 2018.
Chief law enforcement authority in Crawford County.
E-mail: ccpa@misn.com

Circuit Court Clerk Karen Harlan

Elected to office beginning 2011.
The Circuit Clerk assists judges, clerks and the public with all aspects of court processes.
E-mail: karen.harlan@courts.mo.gov

Public Administrator Franky Todd

Elected to office in 2004.
Oversees personal affairs of residents of need in Crawford County.
E-mail: crawford.county.pa@prosecutors.mo.gov

Assessor Kellie Vestal

Elected to office beginning 2017.
Assesses property value according to determined measurements to calculate taxes. Oversees County mapping of parcels and topographical data.
E-mail: crawassr@misn.com

Collector Pat Schwent

Elected to office beginning 2011.
Collects real estate and personal property taxes and distributes monthly to County Treasurer. Also issues county merchant licenses.
E-mail: collector@misn.com

Sheriff Darin Layman

Elected to office beginning 2017.
Ensures the safety and security of the citizens of Crawford County. Responsible for patrol , jail and prisoners.
E-mail: ccsd@misn.com

Coroner Darren Dake, D-ABMDI, CI, CCI

Elected to Office 2020.
The coroner’s primary role is to determine the cause and manner of all deaths within Crawford County that fall under the state-mandated jurisdiction of the coroner.
E-mail: admin@crawfordmocoroner.com

Surveyor Mark Mueller

Responsible for the correct measurement of property boundaries and physical features in Crawford County.
E-mail: mulesurvey24@yahoo.com